Essence & Critique Journal of Literature and Drama Studies
Submission Guidelines___________________ Please ensure that the following criteria are met before submission. Non-compliance to them would result in rejection of the submission. Manuscript Requirements: The word count should be within 5000-8000 words for research papers and 1500-2000 words for book reviews. (The word count does not include abstract, bio-note, works cited, and keywords.) Please make sure that all in-text quotes are within double inverted commas (“ ”) to ensure that the Plagiarism software does not mark quotations as plagiarism. All quotes longer than 4 lines should be made into a separate paragraph and left indented by 0.5 inch. The submission file should contain the following: Paper Title, Abstract, Keywords, Main Text, Works Cited list. (There should be no mention of the author(s) name in either the main body or header/footer.) All native language words should be followed by a footnote elucidating upon their translation/definition and usage, as the journal has a global readership. Bio-note: Please do not include your previous publications in the bio-note. You can view sample bio- notes here . MLA 8th edition style guide to be followed in the papers. References (footnotes and citations) should also be in MLA style . Please refer to the MLA Checklist for elaboration. For the format of Book Reviews, please refer to the Book Review Guidelines. Language Requirements: Essence & Critique: Journal of Literature and Drama Studies requires submissions to be free of language errors so that they may be fairly evaluated by editors and reviewers. If you require help with editing, proofreading, or formatting your paper (as per MLA guidelines), we recommend using the services provided by the non-profit organizations. Please note: Procuring editing services in no way guarantees selection for publication or influence our selection process. Author Responsibility: Essence & Critique: Journal of Literature and Drama Studies does not accept any work that has been uploaded online for any purpose including but not exclusive to institutional archiving, pre-publication archiving, or self archiving. Only unpublished    works to be submitted. As per our policy we do not accept simultaneous submissions. Any negligence on the part of the author to abide by this will have serious consequences. Essence & Critique: Journal of Literature and Drama Studies has a zero   plagiarism policy. If found to be plagiarized, the publication of the work will be cancelled. Please submit a single paper/book review submission for an issue. Authors may make submissions for different issues at the same time. In case a submission has multiple authors, please submit the contact email IDs as well as bio-notes of all the authors. Please submit your work via the form link given in the particular Call for Papers. The editorial process consists of multiple rounds of editing and reviews which take a considerable amount of time. So, though we are happy to receive submissions till the deadline, we appreciate authors sending us early submissions. Please address all submission related queries to